Breeders Goat Farm
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Welcome to Breeders Goat Farm
Breeders Goat Farm situates in Kerala, Trissur District at Sreenarayanapuramvillage.,near by Kodungalloor. Farm is started by Mr. K.N. Sugunan, a Gulf returne. The farm is started by me six years ago for an entertainment purpose. As the year goes by I understood that it is a profitable business and give more attention to the farm and expanded it. At present it is one of the best farms in kerala where you can see the variety of breed animals like Goats, Cattles, Cows and Buffalos.
About Breeders Goat Farm
In the initial stage, I have given more importance to Malabari Goats (Give large number of children in one delivery) but today I have got more than ten varieties of Goats. For this endeavour I have wandered throughout kerala and got acquaintance with varieties of Goats mainly from North India which are considered as high growth breeds, suitable for our climate and profitable for a new entrepreneur. Though the initial stage was in loss gradually the business took it shapes and became profitable for me. For my opinion the main cause for the loss of this kind of business is expensive cages and scarcity of grass. If we can solve these problems, the business would be profitable for us. Besides goats the farm contains varieties of cattle, cows and buffalos.